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Today's Featured Survey Site: Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel - Accepting Applications Again!!

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nielsen Consumer Panel is accepting applications again starting today! If you haven't yet signed up to become a panelist, I highly recommend you sign up today because they won't keep the applications open for long!  As a panel member, the National Consumer Panel will provide you with a hand-held scanner. Every time you or members of your household shop, you’ll use the scanner to scan the barcodes on all of your purchases. Then, once a week, you’ll send them your purchase information. What’s in it for you? You’ll earn gift points that are redeemable for name-brand merchandise, including electronics equipment, jewelry, household items, toys, and much more! Plus, they are always sending gifts just for fun like bottle openers, keychains, and I even received a really nice fleece blanket!

There are 2 ways to sign up:
If you have a landline sign up HERE
If you do NOT have a landline, sign up HERE!

You can see my entire list of survey sites that I work with by clicking HERE


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