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TARGET: Pampers Cynthia Rowley Diapers Clearance Deal

>> Friday, September 3, 2010

Well, I stopped in at Target today to grab a humidifier filter and just HAD to pop in to the baby section to see if there were any deals and behold - the Pampers Cynthia Rowley diapers were clearanced down from $15.99 to $6.49!! I happened to have 2 $3 manufacturer coupons and 2 $2 Target coupons both off any pampers, so I stacked them and bought 2 packs in my Son's size for $1.49 each!! Very exciting for me, I really wanted to try these diapers but there was NO way I was ready to pay the premium price they were asking when they first came out.

I think they are phasing them back out of the stores now though... check your Target and see if they are clearance there as well!!


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