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Toy Story 3 on DVD for only $5.99!

>> Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Toy Story 3 DVD is only $9.99 right now at Amazon.   BUT if you got the FREE $5 Amazon Video-On-Demand or even if you did not, there is another great deal that will get you $4 off.

For a limited time only, rent the SD or HD version of any of the below titles and get a $4 (movie) or $5 (TV show) credit that may be used towards the purchase of that title’s DVD or Blu-ray.

So RENT Toy Story 3 for only $0.99 (or FREE with your credit).  You will be able to watch it for 24 – 48 hours.  You will then receive an email with a $4 off coupon.

Buy Toy Story 3 $9.99 – $4 coupon = $5.99! PLUS, you will score free 2nd day shipping with your Amazon Prime/Mom/Student trial or membership!
There are other titles as well, though not for the $0.99 rental, but if you have the credit they will still be FREE.


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