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>> Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I know that many of us (including myself) use the new year as a "fresh start", so I couldn't think of a better time to tell you about Mint. I know that this coming year will bring with it changes in how I manage our home finances (not just because it is a new year, but also because we'll be adding a new baby to our home!)

Mint helps you do more with your money. Track your finances in real time, get alerts when you exceed budgeted amounts, and pinpoint ways to save more, all in one easy to use interface. And did I mention it’s FREE?!? Plus Mint offers apps that will allow you to track your finances on the go. You can even get an overview of  accounts in an instant with your iPhone. Click HERE to check it out!

You might also want to check out Daily Worth, a free financial newsletter for women. It's full of great info!!


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