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TLC Extreme Couponing Set to Air 4/6! Preview Inside!

>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are you ready for the Extreme Couponing series on TLC? The first of 12 ordered episodes will air on April 6th at 8 pm cst. Each episode will be 30 minutes long. I might end up missing the first one because my due date is April 7th, but we'll see. One way or the other, I am watching it eventually!

A couple of months ago TLC had open casting for the show, and for a second I considered but I really don't believe myself to be "extreme" enough. My stockpile only consists of a few 18gallon totes and a stocked pantry - I could never compete with some of those featured in the first episode that we saw in December and it looks like this new series will be even more extreme! I would really like to see this show feature couponers that are more like myself - that are still always looking for that great deal, stockpile on the items that we USE, and don't cross the line of hoarding! But, even with that said, I will still be tuning in!

What are your thoughts? Will you be watching? Do you think that this is going to hurt the "couponing community" or help it? I would love to hear what you think!!


TheBargainSleuth March 3, 2011 at 2:35 PM  

I think it will do both, help and hurt. Some will see the show and be shocked in a bad way. Others might start to consider clipping coupons.

The show's producers actually contacted me about the time they put out a casting call. I was pretty sure I did not want any involvement but did a phone interview with a producer just for the experience (and so I could blog about it, quite frankly). They were very interested but after talking to them, all my reservations were confirmed and I definitely did NOT want a part of it.

I, like you, would rather see a show that actually SHOWS people how to save money on their grocery bills. From the interview I had, it's clear what the show's agenda is: show me your stockpile and what you do to get it that big. And let's see how crazy we can make you look.

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