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140 Free Address Labels! Perfect for Christmas Cards & Gifts!

>> Monday, November 8, 2010

Right now, you can order 140 address labels from VistaPrint and get them for FREE! These are perfect for gift labels when you customize them with To: and From: instead of your address! I am ordering mine today and will have it customized with "From The Smith Family" so we can stick them on all of our gifts this year! Of course, if you are going to be sending out Christmas cards, these can be customized with your return address as well! So many different ways to use them! Hurry and get yours now while they are still FREE!

Follow these easy instructions to create your custom labels today!!

  1. Go here
  2. Choose either “Return Address” or “Caricature Return Address”
  3. Choose your design
  4. Customize as directed
  5. Proof and if it looks okay check the box and hit next
  6. Choose I’m a new customer or input your info if you’re already registered
  7. Pick Quantity (140 ct. is FREE)
  8. Picking shipping method (I just pick the cheapest at $3.25)
  9. Just keep hitting next unless you want to add more items to your cart
  10. Hit “Checkout” follow the directions and you’re done!


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